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Anthony M. Hegarty

Insight Driven Senior Level Sales Leader

Tony has been in sales and sales leadership for 30+years. As an individual contributor, he has distinguished himself as a top performer in numerous situations, including rising to Sales Person of the Year for 2 national corporations among hundreds of other sales people.

As a Sales Leader, Tony has become recognized as a turnaround and startup specialist. As an example, in one situation Tony led a sales team from last place to first place within 18 months, rising above 14 other regional teams. That sales team went on to be recognized as the top performing team 8 out of the next 11 quarters.

Tony has also distinguished himself in existing business situations, most recently at Manpower where in a 5-year period, beginning in 2011, he led a national team of 11 sales professionals to extraordinary success growing profitability 9.88% CAGR on a $500 million portfolio of National Accounts. That growth far outpaced his peers, Manpower as a company and the industry. Along the way, he achieved Circle of Stars (Sales Achievement Conference) status twice and had sales person representation 4 out of 5 years, including 2014 where his team swept all 3 available positions.

Tony has come to leverage processes and methods developed over 20+ years of successful sales leadership to build & develop topnotch B2B sales teams involved in complex selling situations aimed at senior ("C") levels of Fortune 500 companies. His focus on enabling sales people with much needed tools, training and sales strategy expertise has led to dramatic increases in profitability, team spirit, and client delight. Tony focuses his leadership approach on “lighting the fire within” a sales person versus merely relying on a “fire below” to deliver best-in-class levels of performance (check out his blog entry for more details). Along with that inspirational side, he is a “data-guy” for sure! Leveraging in-depth sales cycle data analysis, he has a passion for leveraging “data driven insight and insight driven sales effectiveness” to create rapid performance improvement. As a recent example using a Sales Velocity Model he increased his new team’s Sales Pipeline value by 21%, average Opportunity value by 44% and improved win ratios by 101bps from previous year performance = all within 6-months.

A big part of Tony’s philosophy involves sales professional development, empowerment and enablement. In a time where many sales leaders are “quick to fire” Tony believes that development of sales professionals is far and away more effective and cost efficient, not to mention, respectful of the individuals involved. Check out Tony’s Leadership Philosophy page on this website for a high-level overview.

All of Tony's accomplishments rely on attracting and developing a diverse group of Topnotch sales people, a respect for all people in the workforce and a reward/recognition philosophy that is unrelenting. Consequently, Tony has built a network of highly effective, proven sales people that can be drawn upon to staff sales teams quickly and shorten revenue realization cycles with the minimum of “organizational turbulence.”

  • Vertical Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Sales Cycle Compression
  • Market Assessment & Approach Plan Development & Execution
  • Strategic Account Plan Development
  • High Performance Sales Team Development
  • Common Goal Establishment
  • Value Proposition Development & Communication Plan Design