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Anthony M. Hegarty

Insight Driven Senior Level Sales Leader



"Have you worked with that leader that challenges you to be your best while both supporting you and driving your success? If yes, then maybe you've already met Tony; if no, you should. Tony has the unique ability to balance the management of successful sales teams and to deliver innovative solutions and messaging to clients. He's a true partner both as a manager and a business associate. I had the pleasure of being a part of Tony's team at ManpowerGroup in support of the organization's largest strategic accounts. New to the workforce solutions industry, Tony brought a unique and impactful approach to ManpowerGroup. He embodies the solutions mindset and would energetically and creatively tackle any opportunity. Any organization would be lucky to name Tony as a member of their team."

Kristi Cox - Sales Director - National Accounts

Kristi Reported to Anthony at Manpower

"As a Client Relationship Director for Manpower, I have had the pleasure of working for Tony. Besides being extremely professional and approachable, Tony is an inspiring and motivating leader with an unwavering desire to bring out the best in his team. As a long-term thinker and strategist, he is a tremendous asset to our clients and any company able to acquire his services, relating the short term human capital needs with a company’s long terms goals and strategic vision. I have enjoyed being part of Tony’s team and look forward to seeing his success in future endeavors."

Laura Olcott Seidman - Client Relationship Director - National Accounts

Laura Reported to Anthony at Manpower

“Tony is a highly talented, results-driven and incredibly thoughtful senior sales leader. He consistently, successfully finds the intersection of sales discipline and creativity in even the most complex selling environments, focusing on solutions that create winning outcomes for clients and his team alike; even if it means having difficult conversations. Tony never settles for the status quo, but rather always seeks how he can create differentiated, data-driven solutions and accelerate practical business innovation. Having a combination of sales, marketing and operational acumen, Tony is very thorough in his thought processes, analytical and considers multiple, possible outcomes to ensure optimal results for all parties. He is a professional who genuinely cares and a leader I recommend with pride.” April 18, 2016

Jen Hwang – VP/GM – National Sales

Anthony Reported to Jen at Manpower

"I hired Tony Hegarty for a second time when I joined ManpowerGroup as the Sales Leader for their US Staffing business. When I looked at the challenge I had in front of me, that being to transform a major sales organization into a high performing sales engine, Tony was the first person I called to help me. Tony’s ability to coach, train and mentor sales teams is extraordinary and extremely powerful when paired with his passion for data to gain insight and create value for the customer. Tony is relentless in driving his teams to meet their goals and hold them accountable. He motivates them by using his wealth of experience and leads by example. He hosted our “Star Sales Chamber“ seminars that had an internal following of over 200 people. Tony is a friend; a thought leader and I enjoyed working with Tony not once but twice and maybe even a third time in the future.” November 1, 2016

Sue Tidswell – VP/GM – National Sales

Anthony Reported to Sue at Manpower

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tony and his National Accounts team at Manpower over the last year. Tony demonstrates the skills of a highly experienced sales leader. He understands and consistently demonstrates managing and coaching his team as a whole, and as unique individuals. In every client situation Tony pushed and assisted the team in making sure they were articulating a concise message, key differentiators, and, most importantly, how the solution helped the client advance their key business drivers.” January 9, 2008

Janice Sloan – Global Solutions Architect

Janice was a Colleague of Anthony’s at Manpower

DRE Strategic Partners Client - National City Bank

“As the Vice President of Affinity Group Marketing at National City Bank, I hired Anthony Hegarty and DRE Strategic Partners for a series of integrated marketing consulting assignments in 2008. As a result of a large acquisition our bank made in Chicago, my department was looking for extra capacity and resources in three key areas: integrated marketing solutions, event marketing and branch promotions, and media effectiveness and channel recommendations. After interviewing several consultant companies, I hired DRE Strategic Partners and worked directly with Anthony for a 5-month integrated marketing assignment. Anthony and DRE was assigned a large project focusing exclusively in Chicago, IL to help us with the bank acquisition in that market, but his assignment grew to cover the rest of our 9-state footprint. Anthony's scientific and creative use of data analytics to identify key growth opportunities around each of our 164 branches in Chicago expanded to cover all 1,400 branches in our footprint. Anthony identified new opportunities for growth in key demographics and key markets which have proven to be successful and have been shared with the market presidents in each of our states. Additionally, Anthony broke down our existing marketing channels in terms of overall effectiveness and reach. His research validated our decisions in some cases and in others Anthony had introduced new media outlets that we have since used. In one particular case, our initial media buy of one outlet has proven to be so successful in 2008 we have actually quadrupled our media buy in 2009 and have already committed for 2010 at the higher level. Finally, Anthony helped increase our overall effectiveness in our event marketing strategies by initiating new and creative ways to heighten our activation strategies. These strategies enabled us to differentiate ourselves at the events and show significant increases in customer activation, acquisition and retention. Overall, Anthony and DRE Strategic Partners provided us tremendous market intelligence and new marketing strategies that we have adopted and integrated in our overall strategies and tactics. As a result, I highly recommend Anthony Hegarty and DRE Strategic Partners.” June 19, 2009

Carlos Fuentes National City Bank, Cleveland, Ohio

Client: July 2008 – December 2008 (acquired by PNC)


“I had the pleasure of working with Tony during a time of significant change within the product mix and personnel. Tony did not hesitate to direct his high energy, client focus and strategic thought process to successfully drive effective change within the sales team and serve as a vital member of the senior team. I would not hesitate to recommend Tony as a business leader and is one of the best sales leaders I have worked with.” October 11, 2011

Chris Kunze, President & GM, SourceLink

Anthony reported to Chris at SourceLink

Hi Tony,

It's Fran Herr from when we were at Sourcelink. You had asked me to let you know how things turned out for me so I thought I would give you a quick update. I switched to the Insurance industry and currently I'm an independent Agent representing Aflac. I'm doing very well there.

I wanted to say thank you for everything you taught me about the sales process and consultative selling when I was at Sourcelink. I've used those skills and enhanced them and I owe my success to your mentoring.

Through your coaching and patience with me, the light finally came on and it has made a huge difference in my life and in my career. I'm sorry that you did not reap the rewards of your efforts while I was at Sourcelink but I think you would be proud of my new skill set if you heard me on the phones or watched me do a presentation these days.

Anyway, thank you for the difference you've made in my life. I will always be grateful.

Fran Herr, Sales Executive, SourceLink

Reported to Anthony at SourceLink

“I have had the privilege of working with Tony Hegarty and truly appreciate his knowledge of and diligence to improve the sales process. His consistent drive to mentor the sales team to think outside the box and deliver value has significantly contributed to my sales strategy and success. Tony is a very intelligent and supportive sales manager. It is a pleasure to work with him!!” May 16, 2008

Susan Tingler, Sales Executive, SourceLink

Reported to Anthony at SourceLink

“I really enjoyed working with Tony. His organizational skills and knowledge of the sales cycle are what I found most impressive. I have encountered few senior-level executives like Tony, who can distill complex value propositions into compelling, easy-to-understand concepts.” April 17, 2008

Vince Shadis, Vice President, Sales and Client Services, SourceLink

Worked directly with Anthony at SourceLink

Vertis Communications

“Anthony is an outstanding sales professional -- he can spot and hire the right sales talent, employs a solid sales process to ensure success, and delivers results! At Vertis, Tony was successful in building a new, market-focused team from the ground up, as well as brought a new product suite to market. Tony forges strong, positive relationships with C-level clients, his sales team, and internal operations.” March 25, 2008

Janice Mayo, Senior Vice President, Vertis Communications

Managed Anthony at Vertis

“Tony and I worked together during a very exciting growth period for Vertis. I found Anthony to have incredible vision and passion, which he combined with an incredible work ethic. I highly recommend Tony as a valued leader and contributor to any organization.” January 9, 2008

Meredith Ott, VP, Creative Services, Vertis

Worked directly with Anthony at Vertis

“Tony was a visionary that took a strategic approach to selling marketing services to senior executive at blue chip companies.” January 7, 2008

Tim Hamill, Principal, HT&E Performance Marketing

Was with another company when working with Anthony at Vertis

RR Donnelley

“Anthony is a true sales leader and brought both team leadership skills and new sales processes to the business. Anthony's position required him to drive revenue from external and internal clients often working in a matrix environment which he did well. I know his team really enjoyed working for him and I would like to work with him again if the opportunity arose.” September 8, 2008

Sue Tidswell, Executive Vice President, RR Donnelley

Managed Anthony at RR Donnelley - Communications Effectiveness

Experian Information Systems

"I worked with Anthony at Experian during a very challenging and exciting time. Anthony is excellent at developing senior level relationships and developing a strong rapport at the highest senior levels. Anthony always demonstrated the ability to understand the client issues, and then put together the right team to develop and implement the right solution, not just to solve the immediate issue, but to take advantage of the long term vision of the client. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Anthony again and recommend him with complete confidence."” May 18, 2008

David Soultanian, Senior Consultant Integrated Solutions, Experian

Worked with Anthony at Experian

“I have known Tony for approximately 10 years, first as a client when he was a sales executive for a global leader in credit risk assessment and management, again as a sales executive and client for the global leader in direct marketing and publishing and subsequently as a former colleague and current friend. Tony has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the value of sales process, both as an individual contributor and sales leader. He combines his commitment to sales process with his natural ability as a sales thought leader to drive impressive results through high performance when the stakes are high and the challenge is great. Of course, the outcome of this approach has been, in Tony’s case, improved revenue, lower COS, an ability to lead sales teams to achieve higher levels of performance and consistency, impressive up-sell and cross-sell ratios and that all-important metric of high customer satisfaction. He is a true sales professional both as a top performing individual contributor and sales leader. I consider him to be an excellent example of all the skills and attributes that a global best practices sales pro should be.” April 25, 2008

Richard Ashby, Owner, Innovis Consulting LLC

Worked with Anthony at Experian

“Tony and I worked together at Experian. Tony was a well respected and consistent high performer. His strategic vision and leadership brought the best out of his team, peers and results for his clients. Among Tony's key skills was the ability to think strategically and anticipate client needs today and tomorrow and bring his team together to provide a true partner to the client. I wholeheartedly recommend Tony” April 16, 2008

Amar Saini, Director, Strategic Accounts, Experian North America

Worked directly with Anthony at Experian