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Anthony M. Hegarty

Insight Driven Senior Level Sales Leader


Trudy Hegarty

Singing Ave Maria

Mrs. Trudy Hegarty - January 16th, 1920 - April 5th, 2011

At 9:10AM Central Time, April 5th, my mother passed away, quietly, and with great dignity and courage, in the town of Winchester, England.

I was so fortunate to have spent time with her the week prior, along with her other two sons, Sebastiane and Peter. Although she was not well she still had that amazing sense of humor and personal resilience that all who knew her marveled at and her sons aspire to have.

Thanks go out to my younger brother Sebastiane, his domestic partner Julia Hall and her family for the selfless care they gave her in her later years.

Also, thanks to all the staff at Brendoncare-Park Road, particularly Nickie. They looked after her as if she was their family.

I have not given much thought to an "after-life" but I would think such a place needs to exist so she can meet up with our father, John (Johnny) Hegarty. She had missed him so much since his death in 1975 that it only seems right they should be together again.