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Anthony M. Hegarty

Insight Driven Senior Level Sales Leader

I must say, I have been remarkably fortunate in my career. I have worked for great companies and great leaders that have provided development, counsel, inspiration and tremendous opportunity for me to make a mark in business. Here are just a few:

Karl Wilby at Dolphin Ltd, Manchester, England

Ken Pierrepointe at Dolphin Ltd, Manchester, England

*Darrell Fann at Pitney Bowes, Greensboro, NC

Dave Connell at Bell & Howell, Atlanta, GA

John Kendrick at Bell & Howell, Atlanta, GA

*Jerry Miller at Bell & Howell, Chicago, IL

Jim Proebstle at Bell & Howell, Chicago, IL

Brian Bilder at Experian, Costa Mesa, CA

*Greg Roosevelt at Experian, Costa Mesa, CA

Sue Tidswell at RR Donnelley, Chicago, IL

Janice Mayo at Vertis Marketing Services, Chicago, IL

Chris Kunze at SourceLink LLC, Elk Grove Village, IL

* Featured on this page.

I hope that I am able to provide the same type of positive influence to my colleagues and direct reports as the above professional luminaries have provided to me in my career development. I am truly and eternally grateful for their time, effort, expertise and dedication.

I thought it would be valuable to illustrate a few examples of the fantastic leadership, direction and mentorship I was privileged to experience and how I utilized the learning to deliver added value for my clients and my employers. I will highlight others from this illustrious group in later iterations of my website, so book mark the page for additional examples of superb professional leadership.

Learning: ROI based Selling - Sales Executive, Pitney Bowes, NC

Leadership & Learning Provided by Darrell Fann, Sales Team Manager

Darrell was the first sales leader in my USA sales career. I was very fortunate to join Darrell’s team selling postage systems, shipping systems and copier systems to commercial businesses in a small section of High Point, NC – the Furniture Capital of the World. My territory had not been a major contributor to Darrell’s overall sales goal in recent years. As a new sales person it was my job to reinvigorate the territory and meet sales quota as soon as possible. That was something that had not been accomplished in the previous 2 years in that territory. Darrell had about 8 other sales people on his team at the time and yet he always had time to help his team perform better and viewed it as a developmental investment rather than a drain on his daily work schedule. As an example, he helped us understand a new way of justifying additional client systems purchases using new tax laws, leasing and a Return on Investment (ROI) based sales approach which was truly innovative at the time. His insight, guidance and expertise helped me achieve the status of Sales Person of the Year, Leasing Leader of the Year, Highest Average Order Size, and Combination Sales Leader of the Year. I also broke a branch sales volume record that stood for several years after I left the company. Darrell’s guidance and leadership had a dramatic and long lasting effect on my career and skills development. My career was changed at the onset due to his expertise and mentorship.

Learning: Large Account Development Skills – Financial Markets Sales Specialist, Bell & Howell, Chicago, IL

Leadership & Learning Provided by Jerry Miller, VP of Sales

Jerry Miller was a newly hired VP of Sales at Bell & Howell during a very volatile time in the company’s history. I was a Financial Markets Sales Specialist working in a new vertical market penetration initiative. This segment had all but been abandoned by Bell & Howell. In fact, no prospect/client in the segment had generated more than $25,000 in revenue in any 2-year period prior to the formation of the team. I uncovered a prospect opportunity in Florida and due to the competitive nature and potential size of the opportunity Jerry made himself available to assist me in the sales process. Through frequent interactions with Jerry I became focused on developing a value based rather than feature based sales approach which resonated with the senior level buying committee in such a way that, after 6 months, we were awarded the contract. That contract amounted to $1+ million in hardware and software plus $2 million in services and support in the first year. Remember, this came from a segment where Bell & Howell had not sold more than $25,000 to any one company in the previous 24 months. Jerry’s tutelage in value based selling and large account development skills helped me to close what was the largest single order (non government) in Bell & Howell’s history; a record that stood for almost 5 years.

Learning: Strategic Account Planning – Director of Strategic Accounts, Experian, Costa Mesa, CA

Leadership & Learning Provided by Greg Roosevelt, SVP - Strategic Accounts

Greg Roosevelt was brought in to Experian from Xerox Corporation to elevate the sales and key account development skills of a select group of sales professionals. I was fortunate enough to be promoted to the role of Director of Strategic Accounts working directly for Greg and was responsible for developing and executing a singular sales strategy for 2 key, strategic accounts across a very diverse and matrixed multi-channel sales coverage model. Greg instituted a rigorous Strategic Account Planning process to expand and unify our business with each account. Greg’s open and collaborative approach was inspirational. His calm and objective attitude to solving complex problems was equally refreshing and impactful. All of Greg’s leadership and mentorship had a significant and positive effect on my career. As a result, I grew revenue for my assigned accounts by 20+% and received a performance review that placed me in the top echelon of my peer group.

As I have progressed in my career, reaching the sales leadership level with large national & international direct sales organizations I have successfully leveraged these and numerous other learning examples to not only help me but also, and I feel more importantly, sales professionals that I have led. It is now part of my professional modus operandi to develop a stringent ROI for what we sell, focus on a value-based selling approach, while utilizing the Large Account Development skills and a Strategic Account Planning Process to grow profit and build businesses in a reliable and sustainable manner.

Thank you to all my mentors!