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Anthony M. Hegarty

Insight Driven Senior Level Sales Leader


Currently I am the Principle Consultant for DRE Strategic Partners, a management consulting firm. Our practice is keenly focused on two disciplines:

  1. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Improvement
  2. Loyalty Marketing

Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

This practice focuses on small to mid sized companies operating in the B2B space. Industries where our services are most effective are Direct Marketing, Technology, Advertising, and Information Services. The services and expertise we offer is typically custom tailored for individual clients but can be categorized in the following manner:

  • Sales & Marketing Plan Development & Execution
  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Strategic Account Planning & Penetration
  • Vertical Market Analysis & Penetration Plan Design

Loyalty Marketing

This practice focuses on building customer loyalty programs for B2C & B2B businesses. Our approach is technology agnostic and focused on significantly improving the Customer Experience at every contact point. Measurement is the driving force behind all that we do. Loyalty programs are pervasive in today's business world but many operate at suboptimal levels and have little or no impact on customer behavior and a negative Return on the Marketing Investment (RoMI). Services include:

  • Integrated Loyalty Program Design & Execution
  • Enhanced Customer Welcome Program Design & Deployment

New Client Spotlight

RMS is the leader in the Incentive Marketing space. The original "toaster" company, RMS now brings science to incentive marketing, incorporating consumer behavior, buying motivations and analytics. RMS helps clients design incentive marketing campaigns that build customer portfolios, broaden customer relationships and reduce customer churn delivering compelling Return on Marketing Investments (RoMI). Serving the financial services, travel & entertainment, retail and automotive industries, RMS has built a 30+ year history of success helping more than 1,000 companies grow their customer portfolios profitably.